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>Reebs are $3 at the Copper Top today. Breck got 8"+ last night & it's been
alternating between heavy snow & sun. Coach, Charlie Brown, Erik J., & Karl
J. are getting in couple last runs, but the knee called it a day at about 3 p.m.
>A-Basin was skied hard yesterday in spite of the limited terrain. We
stopped by the metropolis of Montezuma on the way back to the condo's hot tub.
>The trip started with a couple short runs at Berthoud & a 6 p.m. run at
Loveland Pass.
>Tomorrow it's into the Elk Mountains BC where we'll stay until Saturday.

Awesome dude... enjoy the BC trip.  

This got me into looking at Colorado snowfall, as I was trying to figure out
why A-Basin would have limited terrain open at its peak time of the season
here in April... and I knew the Colorado resorts were having a bad year but
I guess I didn't fully grasp how bad.  The snow depths make yesterday's 48"
depth at the Mansfield stake look really good.   

Vail's had 217" of snow this season, and currently has a snow depth at
9,500ft of only 18".  

Steamboat's had 228" of snow with a snow depth of 28" at 9,000ft.

A-Basin has 6 of 7 chairs running but only 28% of terrain open with a 43"
snow depth after 8" in the last 24 hours (they don't list seasonal snowfall).


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