On Wed, 18 Apr 2012 16:22:03 -0400, Roger R. Hill
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>Yeah George Euro was consistent for a while and ingested something and went
>totally spastic, blows the front to our east then SE vort system phases
>later in the evolution and it get very interesting for snow up high. If its
>gonna happen I'm liking Sunday night-Monday
>Each day is new novel :)

Yeah last night did not solve anything... still all over the place. 
Unfortunately the best model for us was the 6z DGEX, haha.  GEM and ECM seem
to be in decent agreement with the phasing and location of the cut-off which
would just lead to a nice rainer to finish off the snowpack, ending as
flurries.  GFS is then mostly dry as it never phases and the southern vort
just exits stage right.

Its all still on the table.  I'm thinking chances for snow are low though...
I just haven't felt this has had much of a chance for some reason.  Gut
reaction though.  I much prefer upslope events because you *know* those are
going to happen, haha.  Just get a low pressure system somewhere to our
northeast and it'll snow.


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