I was checking a 1/4 acre of spinach planted about a week ago and wondering why they weren't coming up. What I found is that almost every seed had been eaten out or damaged by maggots. I've never (knowingly) had this happen before and am wondering if other folks have had this experience. It may be of relevance that the field was wheat last year that never got combined and reseed itself. There is lots of that wheat residue still in the field, and maybe there's connection.
    On he subject of maggots, I also checked a planting of transplanted Broc from about a week ago and they were loaded with cabbage maggot eggs.. as many as ten on some plants. Seems kinda late for them, but cool wet weather is there thing. Trying spraying nematodes into the row; seems to have worked in the past. I'm leaving some unsprayed as a control ( Vern will be pleased) and will let people know how it works.....Jake Guest