Best wishes for your daughter's recovery, Garry.  You know, if you had to miss a season, this was the one to miss.

My recap is quick:
84 Days
Never left Kmart
Hardly left aisles 11 and 12.  (Rime early, and Superstar late seasons)
Highlights:  Skiing with listers and Google week.  Also, met a lot of new behind the scenes people on the mountain.

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 4:54 PM, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Garry... best of luck, dude!  There are definitely more important things
than skiing.

As far as ski days, I'm calling it 140.  Thanks to RFID I know I skied 123
days of lift-serviced at Stowe (but its almost unfair when I am paid and
*have* to ski 5-6 days per week).  Of course, I always skied on my day off.
 I had a stretch of a good 3 months without taking a day off, spending up to
8 hours a day in ski boots.  I take pride in being the person who put skis
on the most number of days at Stowe...beating out all employees and patrons.
 I welcome a challenge next season (c'mon Petrics, lets both go for 150).
You live a couple miles closer than me to the mountain, too ;)  The clincher
for me is "having" to go out and ski each day... as there are a lot of days
that other mountain operations employees won't ski (rain, freezing rain,
brutal cold, just ypparc days in general) and instead do office work, but I
get sent out to "test the product."

I had 4 days of skinning before the lifts opened including one of the most
memorable days of the season at Pico after the big October storm.  I loved
that mountain and remembered how much fun taking a road-trip with friends
can be to some place you've never been before.  As you all know, I don't get
off the "Stowe island" very often, so I really enjoy the opportunities to
try other mountains.

After the lifts closed on April 1st, I proceeded to average at least one run
on Mansfield every two days...though I lost count, I think I may have done a
bit better than 140.  Either way, as with my snowfall measurements, I like
to be more conservative with numbers than overly optimistic.

Last season I had exactly 150 days and I was hoping to hit that number again
but this winter just didn't have it in it.  Had the winter been better and
Stowe made it to the scheduled closing date of April 21, I could've gotten
150.  I'm officially done now and am heading overseas for a month to combat
the end-of-the-ski-season blues in a ski town.  I'll be back in June once
the weather warms up and the trails dry out.


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