Garry - likewise best wishes for you guys. Hope to meet you one day and perhaps share in a few of those million feet.

My Season Tally:
Stowe: 4
Smuggs: 1
Killington: 1
Mt. Peter: 13
Belleayre: 2
Plattekill: 2
The Canyons: 1
Deer Valley: 1
Solitude: 1
Sierra-at-Tahoe: 2
BC/skinning: 11

Total: 39

I branched out in ways to get down the mountain too:
Jboard: 3
Tele: 29
AT: 7

But the number of days or inches of powder don’t tell the story of this season for me - 'cause I had some great days. 

I had my highest percentage of skinning days ever. With conditions at the resorts not very appealing, I starting looking at low snow conditions off-piste differently. I discovered you don't really need 40" at the stake. This was clearest to me on a December day at Belleayre. I spent the morning lapping the one white ribbon. Bored, I decided to leave after a couple hours. On the drive out the few inches of snow on the west side of the mountain caught my eye. 2 hours later I had 3 laps on my J-boards and had a huge smile on my face.

I had a lot of luck too. Trips to the Whites, the Daks, the Wasatch and the Sierra all coincided with fresh snow where conditions had been poor only days before.

2 trips out west (I have a great wife!)(and no, I don't think she subscribes to the list)
Fresh tracks on the Bruce on “the best day ever”
11 BC days. My highest percentage of skinning days in a long time – what a weird year.

Only 6 days in Vermont. I did not even use all my Ski Vermont Passes.

But what I will remember longest about this season is the people I skied with. Fresh tracks with my daughter. Chasing my buddy of 29 years around Utah resorts. Late season silly skiing at Stowe with Mig.

See you in October.

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