My Tally:


MRG – 1

Vail – 4

MtSnow – 42


Days off piste - 1 – ˝ at mrg, the other half over the entire season at MtSnow




An underwhelming season, to no surprise, also the lowest in total in a number of years.  Though given how dicey the weather was, the piste conditions at MtSnow were surprisingly good on a consistent basis.  At least they have that going for them.


Highlight of the season, except for the kids demanding a trip to MRG (I must be raising them right!), was the trip to vail.  The first family ski trip out west, a reward and incentive for the kids participation in the ski program.  The size of everything overwhelmed them, it was fun to live the new ski experience through them.  Pouring over the trail maps, picking the days routes to ensure they hit each and every black diamond.  Just being jazzed to go out and ski, their enthusiasm was infectious.   It was later funny to try and convince them that skiing Prima at vail, without hesitation, was a more difficult run than than  Ripcord at Mt.Snow, which they eventually conqured as well.


Here’s hope for an even better next season.



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