I wish you and your daughter the best Garry.

I got about 50 days this season; I did not count.  First day, Oct 30 skinning in WV, last day APR 24 same place.  Well, wait a minute, tomorrow AM I fly to Portland for 4 days at Mt Hood.  They have had 18" last 72 hrs.  I'll be staying here with a bunch of Seattle backcountry folks, Be sure to click the pics for a full screen view.  

Last year I probably got 70 days but my body told me something.  I have a test for when the knees have recovered from a ski season.  It is the ability to get up out of the saddle of my Mtn bike and pedal without knee pain.  Last year it took a month before I could do that.  This year less than a week.  I was careful this year never lift skiing more than 4 days per week and resting totally at least once per week.   If knee pain began to build I'd rest completely for 2-3 days in a row. Skinnig and skiing bothers me a lot less.  Sure, its fatiguing but it is the number of turns that insults the knees.  I am almost bone on bone and have a tear in the left meniscus.     I did more XC both classic and skating.  Lift skiing my limit is 3-4 hrs. Per day.  Aging sucks but it's better than the alternative.

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