We prorate sick, vacation, and holiday time. 32 hours is considered full time so a person who regularly works 24 hours would get 24/32 or 3/4 the number of sick, vacation, and holiday hours that a full time person gets, and they would have to pay 1/4 of their health insurance premiums (the town pays the full amount for full time employees). However they would get the same amount of money deposited to ther HSA that the full time employees get.

At 12:22 PM 6/27/2012, you wrote:
Our Selectboard is considering changes to our personell policy that would eliminate paid holidays and sick time for permanent parttime employees. I'm curious what other towns offer their permanent parttime employees. Do you offer them paid holidays if they fall on their regularly scheduled work day? Do you offer them prorated sick time and/or vacation time?

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