I have just read the posting sent by Patrick Cummings and signed by Richard
McCoy. Thank God that the Legislature and the Governor used good judgment in
letting H. 454, dealing with vital records, die. This 95 page bill written
mostly by the Health Department was a joke and a disservice to the residents
of the State of Vermont. I am working with Congressman Welch on the Real ID
regulations and the copy that I read, the State of Vermont is going way
overboard with their proposed legislation. I don't know Richard McCoy
personally or how long he has been with the State, but he is one of the
typical beaurocrats that is, quite frankly, a pain in the neck. I hope that
the Health Department does not try to circumvent the legislative process,
like implementing rules and regulations as they have before, without going
through the legislature.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
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Tim Corcoran

Bennington Town Clerk

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Subject: Vital Records update

With the legislative season behind us, there are always some questions about
what is happening at both the state and the federal level regarding Vital
Records and how might it affect the town offices. 
For example, we have been very busy preparing for compliance with the Real
I.D. regulations, as well as implementing new processes to reduce the
potential for fraud with certificates. 
There may be some towns that would like an update regarding what is
happening at the federal level (Real ID and/or Intelligence Reform Law) or
our own future plans in the Vital Records Office. 
We would be happy to attend any regional meetings of the town clerks or
municipal officers to provide updates and answer any questions. If you'd
like one of us to attend a meeting, please contact me at
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> [log in to unmask] and provide
some options for days/times. 
Richard McCoy
Public Health Statistics Chief
Vermont Department of Health