I have copied below a response from the tax department regarding
your concern that some veterans are receiving the education tax
credit improperly.

The Tax Dept. worked closely with the VT Office of Veterans' Affairs
(VOVA) to implement the change in how veterans' exemptions would be
handled at the town level, but it is ultimately the responsibility
of local listers to verify that the parcel meets the qualifications
for the veterans’ exemption and as part of that process they are
responsible for determining if the property serves as the owner’s
primary residence (or domicile, whichever).  I'm attaching the
letter that was sent to the listers in January.

I checked with Maude Chater at the VOVA and she informed me that
shortly after May 1 their office sent out the entire list of
verifications to an email list of listers provided by our
department. This list was sorted by town so each lister could find
their veterans. This means that every lister had access to the
entire state list.

VOVA has verified 2181 veterans eligible for this exemption to date.
They have removed or been unable to verify 121 applicants based on
veteran status or information from the listers that the veteran
died, moved or is not eligible based on property ownership or
residency requirements.

> Anyone else find it perplexing that 13 (I think) individuals with
out of
> state addresses were verified for the Veterans Exemption??? Not to
> the out of state individuals who come up for 3 months in the
> getting
> homestead declaration. I wonder about the looseness of the
> interpretations
> on these initiatives.
> James Gregoire
> Board of Listers, Chair
> Town of Fairfield