Hello Clerks,

As I sit here writing up the minutes and the Board of Abatement decisions
for our chair to sign, I am wondering how other towns deal with these.

Since I have been elected clerk (March 2006), our BOA considered one
abatement, which was for a long-departed mobile home. We have already
dealt this year with five abate requests. They are kind of dribbling in.
The BOA met to consider the last two requests on Monday night, finishing
the meeting at 7 pm. Then, another one came in via email at 9 pm.

Can someone please give some insight as to how to keep from meeting every
other week? Do you set a schedule in case you get requests? Do you "end
the season" at some point or do these continue all year?

I am also wondering if I missed some exciting news story on abatements,
which is why there has been this rush of requests. Is this interest
because of Irene? Just curious since I don't have television and think I
have missed out on the latest trend...

Thanks very much.

Heidi Racht