Amber, are you talking about the reimbursement we get from FEMA/State for storm damage?  I am not sure what your Town Administrator is referring to.  When a project is complete, and FEMA accepts the worksheet, they reimburse based on our expenses that we have already paid.  Why would there be a legal problem?

We pay our expenses from our General Fund; the "sweep" provision is simply a function of the bank depending on the account we hold with them.  The reimbursements go back into the same fund the payments came out of.


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Subject: Merchants Sweep Account

Good Evening Everyone, 
Just a quick question....Do any of you have a Merchants Bank Sweep Account 
and do you put your FEMA monies in it?  OUr Town Admin is concerened about 
the legalities of doing that. 

Town of Readsboro