Given where this topic appears to be heading, perhaps the VMCTA listsev would have been/be a more suitable venue for a discussion that would be enlightening.  Thank you.
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To address the comment by Mr. Corcoran, the bill considered by the Vermont legislature (H.454) addressed many concerns brought forth by members of the legislature and Vermont residents. 
For example, a section addressed concerns from adoptees regarding their birth certificates.  An additional section addressed concerns about who certifies the cause of death. 
Specific changes were requested for divorce forms and processes.  These were not ideas created by the Health Department.  H.454 covered many topics that were raised by the public.
We're available to answer any questions - whether on the federal laws or state initiatives.  Let's keep things civil and not dissolve into personal comments about individuals on a listserv. 
Richard McCoy
Public Health Statistics Chief
Vermont Department of Health