I have a Selectboard Minutes e-mail list that encompasses community members that wish to get a copy of the minutes and agenda's of the meetings.  I also have a town clerk e-blast list that community members sign up for if they want updates from my office relating to anything that I would like to get out to the public regarding meetings, office closings, emergency alerts, etc.  I find that those who receive the information are very appreciative.  I also have a Press group that gets pertinent information relating to Selectboard meetings etc.
Deb Hawkins - Town Clerk
Town of Pawlet,
PO Box 128
Pawlet, VT  05761
Monday 8:30-3:30
Tuesday 11:00-6:00
Wednesday 8:30-3:30
Thursday 9:00-12:00
Friday Closed
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I would imagine that most towns have email distribution lists. For example, I have lists set up for each town board/committee so, rather than typing in each person’s name when I send the committee an email, I just type “Selectboard” or “Planning Commission” and the correct email addresses pop in automatically.

My question is: have members of the public ever asked to be included on a particular committee’s email list? If so, do you honor that request? Are there open meeting issues to be considered?

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