I don't know about how to figure out the value but I have had deeds for land in two towns.   There is only one PTTR .
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  Hi everyone,

  I have a situation concerning a piece of land that spans my town, Guildhall, and a neighboring town, Lunenburg.  The piece is all on one deed, and the attorney submitted the deed for recording and one PTTR for the entire parcel; in the PTTR, field "M", "total price paid", stated the price for the entire piece, not just for the Guildhall portion.  My question is this: how can our listers determine the sale price for the portion of land in Guildhall in this situation (data that they need for their equalization study)?  Also, was it correct for the attorney to submit one PTTR for the entire transaction, or should there be one PTTR per town (in this case, one for Lunenburg and one for Guildhall)?  I'm not sure about any of this--our town is so small that things like this come up very rarely, and I'm relatively new--and I'd appreciate any input anybody might have.

  Thanks in advance,

  Sam, Guildhall Town Clerk