Hi Peter:
Our plan is done and is being approved by the board tonight.  I am coming to Montpelier to drop off the signature page.
What time does your office close? What floor are you on?

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On Jun 12, 2012, at 11:24 AM, Drescher, Peter wrote:

> Hello all:
> Tech plan approvals have begun with a number of them being approved this week.  Keep them coming in!   Don’t forget, there is a process to submit.. Here is a link to the instructions:
> And again two reminders:
> ·         There are TWO pages that should come to me via snail mail with signatures.. Please send both.. Pages 27 and 28.
> ·         Don’t forget to be clear about the SCHOOLS COVERED by your plan.   The BEST ones yet have this sub-title on the title page:  SCHOOLS COVERED BY THIS PLAN INCLUDE:’__________”, “____________”, “__________”, etc.
> TIMING and Approval schedule
> Unless we have spoken over the last couple of weeks about you possibly being delayed on this, Technology Plans are due to the VT Dept. of Education on June 15.   That ensures that your approval will be complete before July 1, which is your date that E-rate kicks in. 
> I will be gone out of my office from June 21-29 and the 30th is a Saturday, so the best scenario is for all plans to be in and approved prior to my leaving my office.   I will be away on a work related venture, (SETDA/ISTE meetings) and will be on regular email contact, so can still do approvals remotely, but it will be most helpful for all to have plans in by the 15th.
> I WILL MAKE A PRIORITY the approval of your plans in time for July 1 as long as I am in the loop as to a delay or some other situation.  June 29th will be TOO LATE to let me know of an issue that prevents it from being submitted.
> Sorry to hammer this point, but I know these are important to funding of E-rate and in terms of your technology planning.  There is a lot that will be happening over the next three years in education technology in Vermont.  I want to ensure that all students in Vermont have solid planning and E-rate funding for these programs being taken care of at their supervisory union or district level. 
> Thanks for getting the plans in on time.
> Peter
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