Interested in joining a team of educators that provide Information
Technology professional development for Vermont educators across the state.
Vita Learn has an opening for a  Regional Coordinator in
the Central Region, think of drawing a huge circle around the
Barre-Montpelier area.  The regional coordinator arranges four meetings and
two professional development workshops for educators in the central region
each year.  A group of six people, the Regional Coordinators,  work
together to support each other in providing professional development
through meetings and  state-wide technology initiatives such as Project
Ignite, (Recognition of innovative and transforming educators), and
Connected Voices, ( Connecting Vermont students in
educational activities using technology to communicate).  Each region has a
budget which includes a stipend for the coordinator, food and door prizes
for the meetings, workshop fees, and funds for state-wide initiatives.

Join the TEAM and enjoy the opportunity to work and learn with Vita Learn's
Regional Coordinators.

For  more information or questions contact:
Charlie Wilson
[log in to unmask] or 802-482-3624

Charles Wilson
St George, VT
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