I'm passing along this short review from Petros Evdokas, a long-time comrade in the Red Balloon Collective. I haven't yet read the document he's referring to, but he provides clickable links to it and I plan to do so shortly. I thought you might be interested as well ....

- Mitchel

From: Petros Evdokas <[log in to unmask]>

I just finished studying "The Pentagon Attack Papers", authored by
Barbara Honegger.

If any of you are interested in reading this study, it can be found here:
and here:

I strongly recommend reading this paper. Anyone who is interested in the
events of September 11 and how we ended up living in a world dominated
by what George Bush called a "war without end" will find plenty of very
useful material in it.

I'd like to tell you:
o- what this paper does
o- who the author is.

Who the author is

Barbara Honegger, M.S. is Senior Military Affairs Journalist with the
Naval Postgraduate School (1995-present), DoD’s graduate science,
technology, national security and homeland security research university.

She served as Special Assistant to the Assistant to the President
and White House Policy Analyst (1981-83).

She was the pioneering Irangate author and whistleblower on the October
Surprise (October Surprise, Tudor, 1989); was featured in the
Iran-Contra expose documentary “Cover-Up”; and was called as an
investigator-witness at both the 2004 and 2005 Los Angeles Citizens 9/11
Grand Jury hearings held at Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles, Calif.

Her work has been included by world 9/11 Truth authority Prof. David Ray
Griffin in his most definitive book on the September 11th attacks, "The
New Pearl Harbor Revisited" (Chapter 2, ‘Reports of Bombs’).

Honegger’s two-hour under-oath videotaped interview/testimony of key
Pentagon eyewitness April Gallop, provided the basis for a critical 9/11
lawsuit filed in Manhattan in 2008.

What she has to say is important both because of her position within the
military and political apparatus of the Empire, and also because her
training enables her to make sense of and speak authoritatively about
evidence and patterns arising from complex situations that involve the
branches of intelligence, military and political administration.

What this paper does

Barbara Honegger takes as her point of departure evidence that on
September 11 there were explosions inside the Pentagon right before it
was hit from the outside by an unknown something (plane, missile ?).

She proceeds to tie together that evidence and related testimonies to
the military exercises that it is now known were taking place on that
morning based on the premise that supposedly hijacked airplanes were
slamming into buildings... which turned out to be true.

She ties this with evidence and testimonies of similar explosions inside
the World Trade Center that took place before the planes hit the buildings.

A pattern emerges that leads all the way up to the official and
unofficial Imperial chain of command that enables her to lay out the
true depth of the conspiracy and some of its methods. Honegger shows
beyond any doubt that "outsider terrorists" could not have have achieved
what the US ruling class says they did, and that only domestic insider
conspirators very high up in the command could have arranged for the
events of September 11. And she proceeds to name names.

What The Pentagon Attack Papers cover has value both because of who the
author is, and also because of how she says it. In the study, Honegger
bases everything on facts, testimonies and evidence. Some part of the
material, about 5%, is conjecture that falls within the parameters of
the context, and is well within the working parameters of what a
patterns analyst does (in fact most analysts deal entirely in conjecture).

In her paper there is none of the wild and unverifiable speculation that
is so widespread in materials published within the September 11 Truth
Movement that keep discrediting everyone who tries to get involved with
it. Everything she wrote is interpretation based on facts, testimonies
and evidence.

I'd say that this paper is one of the most coherent indictments I've
ever read.



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