We hope you all apply! Hosting the British debaters is a fun
investment in your debate program. Generate mind-blowing publicity
University wide for the work you do by staging a public debate with
the British National Touring debate team!

Attached is the full call.

Best, Steve

Stephen Llano, Ph.D.
Director of Debate and Assistant Professor, Department of Rhetoric,
Communication & Theater
St. Johnís University
Queens, NY
718-990-5606(voice) 718-990-2435 (fax)
callto://stevellano -- Skype Me!

"Knit the brows, and a strategem comes to mind." - Lo Kuan-chung,
Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

"Poetry is a rival government always in opposition to its cruder
replicas." - William Carlos Williams

"Chaos is the score upon which reality is written." - Henry Miller