Bill and I are heading up to Cobscook Bay in Maine tomorrow for ten days of
hiking, walking, and I did something different today and
headed up to Wilcox Cove in Grand Isle for a little golf.  It is a nice
place for birds for me...but not birdies!

The usuals were there: cedar waxwings in the cedars, robins, two kingbirds,
a white breasted nuthatch, several house wrens, many gulls (all ring bills,
I think),chickadees, blackbirds.

But there were two new birds for me at this location.  There were two
Carolina Wrens near the lagoon along the fourth fairway.  I clearly saw
them and heard them make all three sounds (teakettle, chewy chewy, and
their distinctive buzzing call note that was made as I got too close.

I also saw what I believe was a juvenile black crowned night heron fly
over, quite low, along the whole length of the first fairway.  I can not be
absolutely sure of this one as I have not seen them that often but the view
was long and clear and after studying two guidebooks, I have no idea what
else it might be.

Are these two sightings as unusual as I think they might be?

If you like pix, I added a few. My favorite is this picture of a young
titmouse. Is he resting for a bit or using the branch to reach an itch on
his head?  There are a few of a poor momma robin, panting with her mouth
open in last week's heat.  I am sorry to be leaving and missing the young
robins as I have a perfect view out of my bedroom window and it would be
fun to chronicle the entire "process"

Happy birding,
From Westford...where the wood thrushes sing all day in the woods east of
my house, the veerys sing in the more mixed habitats to the west, and the
hermit thrushes thrill us with their song as the migrate through in the