An Oriole and a Robin screamed and flew at a Blue Jay which promptly dropped
into a bed of lily of the valley and disappeared.  Was it injured?  I walked
closer and the jay scuttled away through the leaves, all the while softly
crying.  In came the Blue Jay air force, two other jays, out popped the jay
from the lily of the valley, and lo and behold it was a just-fledged
juvenile.  Here I had been blaming the mayhem on an intruding Blue Jay, but
it was just this baby jay who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

Barbara Brosnan

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Oriole, warbling&red-eyed vireos, house wren, w.b.nuthatches, catbird and
perhaps a house finch all gave an up to no good blue jay the bum's rush out
of my yard. What a din they created!
Sue Wetmore

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