Hi,  In addition to Sugarbush, there was a Bobolink on the Mt Ellen walk 
last weekend!


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Subject: [VTBIRD] Meadow reclaimation at Sugarbush

Hi birding friends,

I received this wonderful email from Zeke Church of Sugarbush Property
Group. Zeke is a closet birder and enjoys letting me know what he's
seen. He was very excited about sharing the changes that have occurred
on the property, especially since it has now attracted Bobolinks. Here
is his message, but the attached photos might not go through some

Hi Patti,

Last fall we undertook a meadow project at Southface, one of my larger
properties up at Sugarbush, to modify management of the large meadow and the
pond there. We have been mowing this 4 acre field for years as if it was a
lawn...crazy for many reasons. We used a UVM Ecological Landscape Design
class as "consultants" - this was their semester project, along with
consultation from an Audubon Vermont rep, and came up with a plan to let the
meadow "re-wild." There's a lot more to it, of course, and there will be
some who prefer the mowed look, but there is a lot of support among the
homeowners for this habitat enhancing, sustainable objective. There will be
paths, benches, some "frost seeding" of additional wildflowers, etc. It has
to look good and be a destination for the owners. Yesterday I toured the
property with a landscape designer just to gather a last set of ideas and we
found dozens of wildflower species...we could have filled a small guidebook.
As we were leaving we flushed a Bobolink, and then observed her nest and the
eggs in the photo below. Steve Hagenbuch, the Audubon guy, said he was
amazed that a Bobolink would nest in a grassland meadow surrounded by forest
like this, but that it was a great story and that the bird is a high
conservation priority.

Zeke Church

Sugarbush Property Group, Inc.

tel - (802) 583-2400

i-fax - (802) 329-2227