Just as a reminder to those using fish injected into their irrigation systems that you only want to use fish from a 5 gallon pail not a 55 gallon drum or bulk tote.  Reason being the solids and particulate in the 55 gallon drums are not fine enough to be used through a mazzei injector or other injectors.  It has been our experience with fish that it does not clog drip lines if it comes from a 1 gallon or 5 gallon pail. The 1 and 5 gallon pail can be agitated and break up solids.   That is why we only sell it in amounts up to 5 gallons.  We have also experienced twice the impact to the plant being fed through a drip system vesus foliar feed as all the nutrients go through the root system vesus through leaf tissue. Sometimes the benefit of price per gallon versus hastle with application from larger doesn't pay off in the long run.  For information and pricing on injectors and fish see our catalog at http://www.brookdalefruitfarm.com/Irrigation/2012PriceList/    for questions or issues with feeding through drip lines feel free to contact me at [log in to unmask].   Thanks
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Just a heads up as well.  Neptunes harvest will also sell 55 gal drums to folks and with shipping included it comes out to about $7 or $8 a gallon.  So if you know others in your area who want some, it is far cheaper to buy a drum and split it up between a few farms. 

Dave Zuckerman
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PS...next year I am planning to buy more and offer it out at $10 a gallon (compared with their $15 if you buy it in $5 pails).  I buy the drums and tend to have some extra that I would rather have used by others than hold over the winter (I am in Hinesburg if you are in the area, let me know).


On 6/14/2012 3:03 PM, Two Dog Farm wrote:
If anyone in the Rutland area decides they want some of the fish and seaweed emulsion, let me know, I'd be happy to bring some to the Rutland Farmers Market, Dorset Farmers Market, or you could come to Danby to get it. Just email both Pat at Gardeners Supply [log in to unmask] and me at [log in to unmask] and we'll make it happen.
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