Rick;  We have tried using row covers to exclude cedar waxwings from our strawberries.  If there is a small hole, the birds will get in there.  We have struggled with cedar waxwings damage for 10 years +/-. This year we purchased and are using SMART NET bird netting from OESCO.  We purchased 2 rolls of 50 feet wide X 531 feet long.  These 2 rolls completely cover our one acre of strawberries,  meeting in the middle where our sprinkler irrigation line is.  We hold it down with ground staples or red plastic pins from Johhnys.  The birds CANNOT get under there. We  very easily uncover the berries where we are picking, and put the net back after.  You hardly even need the pins.  The rolls are $800 each +/-.

Jane and I are extremely pleased with the netting.  Good luck,  Bob and Jane  Pomykala

On Jun 7, 2012, at 8:07 AM, Rick Barry wrote:

Is remay effective in keeping birds out of strawberries or is it not strong enough to deter them?


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