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I'm not sure where you are located but I used to be in the tire business. The best place to repair ag tires is Northern Tire in Colebrook, NH. New Haven tire in New Haven or Rouse tire in Middlebury are good places as well.



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we used to bolt tire sidewall wrapped in innertube inside the slash (nuts outside the tire, bolts snipped and peened) this depends on a tube in the tire, lasts for years... 

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Hello all-
I am looking for any advice on how to repair, if even possible, a rear
ag-tread tire that just got a slash from a sharp piece of slat while
harrowing. It still has great tread left and I would hate to trash it,
let alone purchase a new one...potentially expensive. Is there a place
that fixes them, a patch kit, to all advice!
Thanks a ton-

Chip Allen Natvig

Chip Allen Natvig
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