I’ve gotten it from FedCo (Maine)  and Peaceful Valley (CA) in the past, untreated/organic. Expensive, and Peaceful Valley (CA) is expensive shipping. I’ve found it difficult to find conventional untreated. Seedway has treated which I’d rather not use (but haven’t checked recently if they have untreated). I don’t think FedCo’s is piper, maybe BMR...unless they are one and the same.

Maybe Lake View Organic (NY) has some?

If you find a local source for conventional untreated, I’d love to know also.

CABA Community Farm
Brattleboro, VT

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  Anybody have a reasonably close source for untreated sudex/sudangrasss seed for cover (piper type)? I need a couple hundred pounds.
 Michael Smith
 Gypsy Meadows Farm
 Plainfield, NH