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The degrees/credentials listed after a name are called Post-Nominals.

How to Use Post-Nominal Abbreviations
What is the Correct Order of Post-Nominals?

See the Medical Library Association [online] Style Manual

For nurses:

For physicians and other advanced academic degree holders:

Proper Way to List Credentials

How to Display Credentials in an Email Signature |

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> Subject: REF: Proper listing of credentials
> I have been asked find the proper way a medical professions should list
> degrees, licenses and certifications.
> The medical professionals are physicians, nurses and pharmacists.
> The setting in which these credentials was not specified.  I would say one
> would be listing credentials as the author of a paper, however I don't
think is the
> only use case.  I would say some potentials uses would be email signature,
> biography for a speaking engagement, and perhaps general protocol for self
> identification as a medical professional.  I have some information but
thought I
> would ask the group as there are several academic libraries that I hoped
had dealt
> with this issue and might have a strong answer.
> I have searched the archives, but I haven't found an answer.  I have found
> information on credentials on a badge, how one might find a nurse written
by a
> nurse, but I haven't found anything to really address my situations.
> I will summarize for the list if there is sufficient interest.
> Thanks in advance!
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