First thing this morning I was given two searches to do by the same
nurse, and I am hitting a wall.


1.)    She wants to know if there is any evidence that shows that
operating room personnel who do not remove their masks after leaving the
OR could be spreading infection via the mask. In other words, people who
pull the mask down from their face but still leave it tied on, and then
walk to various areas around the hospital. I have found nothing on this


2.)    She wants studies that have shown that infection rates increase
if the humidity in the OR is above 60%. She is specifically looking for
the way humidity above 60% could possibly cause condensation around
surgical packs and allow bacteria to seep in through the moisture that
builds up on the outside of the wrapped pack. She has all the standards
about humidity in the OR, she wants journal articles. I am finding lots
about ventilation, and some that mention humidity in passing, but
nothing about what happens if the humidity goes over 60%, or the effect
of humidity on wrapped surgical packs. I have tried various combinations
of humidity/adverse effects, humidity, operating room, surgical
instruments, sterilization...I found one article entitled "Guidelines
for Evaluating Wet Packs" but there is no abstract and I don't have full
text access, so I'm not sure if it is on point or not. I found another
entitled "Rain Out: Getting Operating Room Humidity Under Control", but
it is not really what she is looking for and it does not list any


And of course my colleague is out sick with a stomach flu and I am
swamped. And of course the patron needs both searches by the end of the
day. Argh!


Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. Happy Friday!!


Best regards,


Louise Collins DVM, MSLIS

Howe Library

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

243 Charles St.

Boston, MA 02114