Alex wrote:
>"hey, I'm skinning polecat peak on Sunday, anybody wanna join me?"

Oooh, yes I do!  I've never skied it before.  Can I bring my gps and post a
map of our route afterwards?

TEO wrote:
>I think you owe Leigh and myself an all-expenses-paid trip to the Ommegang

There will be no more talk of trips to said yrewerB without making sure
that a space in the car has been reserved for me.  Maybe Leigh can handle
those reservations.  I hear he will do it for free if he's guaranteed best
bar stool.

Skip wrote:
>I reckon that by now, the OP is wondering exactly what kind of hornet's
nest he kicked.

I hope he's still around reading this.  He's got to realize it's more fun
than another tgr flame war.

Patrick wrote:
>Yes, it must be confusing watching all the hornets first sting one another
randomly and then engage in an extratraditional group hug.

I think I feel a tear coming on.

This list just isn't what it used to be.<sniff>

I love you guys soooo much. <bawl>

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