Welcome to the list. 

You have to remember, complaining about off-topic posts is a very slippery
slope that eventually leads to, for example, complaining about posting trip
reports to exotic Catskiing locales.

Posters look like jack*sses when they do that.

Having said that, I repeat my earlier position that the list really should
strive to be more than Facebook-without-Faces, or Twittersaurus.  

And, get off my lawn.

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Has the definition of "spam" changed? I thought it was unsolicited email
trying to sell you something, or pushing some kind of agenda. I believe what
you referred to as "spam" was just a regular conversation between friends -
one you listened in on, and then did the equivalent of butting in and
telling everybody to shut up. Now you have a group of friends looking at you
in disbelief, wondering "who the f***is THIS guy??"

So yeah - the description of the forum has to do with Vermont skiing, which
is the common interest that has brought this group of people together, and
it gets talked about plenty. We also talk about whatever else we feel like
talking about. Once in a while it gets heated, and once in a while someone
complains about being too off-topic, as you just did. Then the overwhelming
consensus goes something like :"If you don't like it, delete it." It's been
this way for years.

There are also other subscription options - you don't HAVE to receive emails
at all; you can just browse the archives and post through the site, too.

But do stick around, as was mentioned there is plenty of variety here and
you're bound to find something you like, ski related or otherwise.

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