Patrick wrote:
> I'm not even the greatest fan of Belgian elas

That's like saying "I don't like North American ski areas".  It's a statement that makes no sense, because there are so many different styles, that some of them have to be among your favorites.  You just haven't found them yet.  One day, we'll get together and I'll show you.

>The Rare Vos, Three Philosophers, Abbey, and especially, Art of Darkness are all truly excellent,

3 of those 4 are my favorites from them.  I'd take out the Abbey and put the Hennepin in the list.  Once you get familiar with the peppery taste of Saison yeasts, the style becomes a favorite because it goes so well with so many dinners.

Thanks for writing up the tr.

Peter S.-you should write up the tr's of your western trips too.
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