This week Campus Kitchens will be doing a huge food storage prep on
Thursday. We will meet, as usual, at 5:30 in the kitchen above the Marche
to wash veggies, blanch and freeze greens, freeze roots, and have a dandy
ol' time! Stop by if you would like to help out and maybe learn a thing or
two about long-term food storage in the process. We're in need of colanders
and salad spinners to borrow for the prep! If you think you're coming, try
to remember to bring either or both, if you have them!

We will NOT be having a serving shift this Sunday! The Islamic Society of
Vermont is going to be serving some exciting and delicious food on Sunday
morning instead. So if you were thinking about coming, take all that
pent-up selflessness and release it at prep this Thursday or think about
next Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a great week!