Good Morning

I am a Human Resources manager with a prosperous large-sized company. Our 
business occupies itself with real estate reselling activities in all over 
USA. We are proud to grant you an unprecedented opportunity to try working 
with us as an agent right now.

Our company specializes in:
- Reselling of premium real property;
- Buying out elite real property;
- Processing immovable property related papers of all types; 
- Leasing of industrial premises meant for warehouses or plants. 

And many other.

You need to be able for the job between 9 AM and 2 PM Monday through Friday, 
your local time. 

Your salary will be $4,000 per month with a fixed commission rate on each 
successfully completed contract. You will be entitled to supply the above 
mentioned services in your local area, as well as you will receive legal 
assistance and financial support.

If you feel that the one, please reply to this email 
[log in to unmask] and we will send you extra details and some 
necessary papers in the nearest term.