Do you have a good mass calibration and tuning for HD? For all of my XPs I have had to do a manual calibration.  It is rather different from setting the instrument up for a gas like CO2 or N2.  If you need more information on a HD calibration please let me know.


Cheers, Ben



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Check the position of the needle (SGE) valve you use for the TCEA on the IRMS, maybe it helps. Cheers. Mihai Lefticariu (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)

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Dear All,
                This is my first time on Isogeochem, I am Suvankar
Chakraborty, a post doc at University of Kentucky.
I was trying to setup a TC/EA with our Conflo IV and Delta Plus XP. However,
when I am trying to calibrate our Delta plus XP for H2, I cannot see any H2
in the scan. H2 tank is connected properly with Conflo IV without any leak
and I am getting pressure reading in the Conflo IV unit.  I have leak tested
several time. Conflow IV is properly configured for TC/EA (solid) using H2
reference gas. Mass 2 and 3 are supposed to be collected in cup 2 and 8.
During the scan I can see peak for mass 3 but no luck with mass 2. No auto
dilution has selected.
If there is someone who is using the Conflo IV and using H2 gas can you
please help me to determine the problem. Happy to receive any suggestion
about this matter.