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>  Hello all,
> I am trying to set up a Microsoft KMS server using software that was
> purchased through Dell Software under the MS Select agreement.  Does anyone
> know who is the administrator of the select agreement(s) in the state and
> how you go about obtaining a KMS activation key?
> How are other managing the MAK/KMS activations using the Select
> agreement?  I have been directed by MS to access volume license keys using
> their online portal but the Select licenses I purchased through Dell do not
> display via the online portal.  I have been told by MS that I do no have
> permission on the Select agreement(s) to access the MKS/MAK key
> information. They are telling me to contact the administrator of the Select
> agreement to obtain permission. Does anyone have insight on how to manage
> their MAK activations or obtain KMS keys under the state Select
> agreement(s)?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jon Gallo
> IT Systems Administrator
> Windsor Northwest SU
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