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Hello all,
I am trying to set up a Microsoft KMS server using software that was purchased through Dell Software under the MS Select agreement.  Does anyone know who is the administrator of the select agreement(s) in the state and how you go about obtaining a KMS activation key?
How are other managing the MAK/KMS activations using the Select agreement?  I have been directed by MS to access volume license keys using their online portal but the Select licenses I purchased through Dell do not display via the online portal.  I have been told by MS that I do no have permission on the Select agreement(s) to access the MKS/MAK key information. They are telling me to contact the administrator of the Select agreement to obtain permission. Does anyone have insight on how to manage their MAK activations or obtain KMS keys under the state Select agreement(s)?
Thanks in advance.
Jon Gallo
IT Systems Administrator
Windsor Northwest SU

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