Another heron sighting:

    About three days ago I went out my back door in suburban Burlington
(New North End) and heard an odd "quooock!" Turned and caught a very brief
glimpse of what looked like a half-plucked, dark gray pullet before it ran
under the neighbors kayak.  Got the cats in and kept a watchful eye... an
hour or two later I called the owner of the kayak who said he'd found the
same bird wandering in his driveway a short while later and had it in a
box on his enclosed porch, as recommended by VINS.  As suspected, it
turned out to be a young Green Heron check.  We got in touch with a local
rehabber, and the bird is good hands now.

    My question is-- how did a not-yet-fledged heron check get here in the
first place?  We are about half a mile from the Winooski River and a bit
further from the lake, as the heron flies.  Is that a likely area for a


    Quoting Jean Arrowsmith <[log in to unmask]>:
> On Friday, I was able to stop for a few minutes at Muddy Brook on  
> 116 to see one Green Heron standing at the back of the open water,  
> and another flying overhead.
>   Jean ArrowsmithLincoln