I included Hermit Thrush in the subject line of my previous message but inadvertently excluded comments. Sorry!

What I meant to include is this: after a silence of some weeks, Hermit Thrush has been singing again on the ridge behind the house for a week now....


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Subject: [VTBIRD] Robins, Bank Swallows, Merlins, Hermit Thrush, Ruffed Grouse, Enosburgh/Montgomery

Third American Robin brood fledged from the end of our porch on Saturday (7/28/12). I missed the flight of the first and third of this brood but saw the second nestling make the plunge. Split-second decision leap of faith (at least I "anthropomorphized" it as such....)

Also on Saturday (7/28/12), less than two miles down the road in Montgomery, I made my third trip wading across the Trout River (easy enough) and counted Bank Swallows. Seems late to me, but there they were - 12 young poised at the entrances of burrows in the river bank with adults swooping in to feed them.

Today, across the road near the top of our neighbors’ driveway, recently-fledged Merlins (at least three) continue to beg vociferously.

And at 6:32 p.m. (and again at 7:41) a Ruffed Grouse drummed on the ridge line of our roof! I expect it is the same bird that did the same many times last fall and then again this spring.

Late July - fascinating time of year for birding!!!

Charlotte Bill
Enosbugh, VT

(PS am way behind on eBird reporting but have recorded all in my notebook and will get the records in)