Good morning, everyone Ė A few weeks back, I let several birding friends know about an article I had in the newest issue of Birdwatching magazine. Iíve received many wonderful responses, including several from Vermont birders whom I hadnít contacted but who had seen the article in their own copies of the magazine.

At the end of my article, the editors asked readers to comment about where they fit on the continuum between Bird-Watchers and Bird-Getters (the two terms I suggested). If anyone is interested, responses are posted at

Iím particularly excited that Donald Kroodsma responded! Heís one of my birding heroes, the author of the amazing The Singing Life of Birds and The Language of Song.

You donít have to be a subscriber to read the magazineís blog, but you do to read the original article. Iíd be delighted to send the text to anyone who would like to read it.

Maeve Kim

Jericho Center