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It should come as no surprise that I was not overwhelmed by responses to my question (below), nor that the answers ranged from "I would be shot if I did that" (drop the subscription) to "That's crazy" (when the physicians and others find out the cost of an institutional subscription). No one was able to quantify the number of individuals that really did subscribe if the institutional subscription was dropped but a number of people referenced the group pricing option that does exist when purchasing individual subscriptions. It looks to kick in with a group of 11-26 and another price drop for 26 or more. Check with your rep for more info. 

So that's what I know today, folks! Thanks for your assistance.


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I am wondering ... if an institution drops access to UpToDate, how many individuals are likely to pick up a personal subscription so they can continue to have access? Anybody have a clue? A guess? Any anecdotal info? We hear from users that it's really important, but when the subscription is dropped, do they put their money where their mouth was?

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