It occurred to me as I was watching the C1 slalom competition today that the various whitewater paddling events are the closest summer equivalents to the Winter Olympics's ski racing events. So how come the ski races are marquis events that even NBC chooses to show in prime-time, and whitewater paddling is all but ignored in the wake of whatever athletic celebrity hype they show instead? I dunno.

But that's not what I actually wanted to write about. I was going to write about how steamed I was at NBC's abysmal excuse for coverage, but that's nothing new. It happens every two years at Olympics time. Unfortunately, some of us have no alternative. Or do we?

I had read with envy about how outstanding the BBC's coverage was, but unfortunately unless you're in the UK, you're SOL. Or maybe not. Here's an inspiring article:

Actually, it doesn't take a system administrator to act upon one's inspiration. If a person with a Windows computer were to Google, say "Expat Shield", for example, he or she would would find just how easy it is. (I'm sure Mac equivalents are just as easy to find):

I'll add that everything I'd read about the BBC's coverage was an understatement. It's better than that. (Think start-to-finish coverage of every athlete in every sport.)

Debates upon the legality/morality of anything you read are left as an exercise for the reader. I'll be too busy enjoying the competition to take part.

Oh, and the men's C1 competition was outstanding. The gold medal run was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in Olympic competition.

Dave G., desperado
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