Hi, Nellie.  I have been cleaning house and came across some new, unused
items I think would be appropriate for the raffle.  One is a box of all
occasion blank note cards w/ envelopes.  They look handmade and I have no
idea where I got them.  I must have used one, though, because there are 11.
Also, I have a beautiful tea pot, never used, that I acquired for a silent
auction I ran years ago.  It didn't get any bids, so I brought it home.
It's been sitting in my bedroom ever since.  It's made by a potter in
Warren.not quite Waitsfield, but at least it's from the Mad River Valley.
Please let me know if you think these are appropriate for the raffle.  I
know I have other things, and I'll check with you to see if you think they
are something you'd like to include.  I don't think these things would be a
coherent basket but would probably sell better as individual items.


Jennifer Peterson

Town Clerk/Treasurer

Town of Waitsfield

Nine Bridge Street

Waitsfield, VT  05673


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Subject: Fundraising


Hi again..


I forgot to mention on my email the other day that if you can't make it to
the Annual Meeting, we would still love to have a gift basket donation from
you.  Please contact a neighboring Town Clerk/Treasurer to see if they can
bring it for you.  And make sure you put a slip of paper on it stating your
name and Town so we can place a tag on it giving you credit..


Thank you.


Nellie Noble, CVC/CVT

Town of Granby

PO Box 56

9005 Granby Road

Granby, VT  05840

802-328-3611 Fax: 802-328-2200

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