I would imagine it depends on what your zoning regs say. Ours say that a
nonconforming use shall not be re-established if it has been discontinued
for 2 or more years. In West Windsor, the owner would have to get
conditional use approval before re-establishing the gravel pit. 
West Windsor

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Hi All,

I have a new owner of a parcel that once was a gravel pit, 
grandfathered as it exisited prior to our adoption of zoning 
regulations.  It has not been operated as a gravel pit for at least a 
dozen years.  He wants to know what he has to do to sell 
gravel.  Doesn't need Act 250 as it meets thier criteria as pre-existing.

We  allow gravel and sand pits as a conditional use.   Does the new 
owner need to obtain a conditional use permit?

Our regulations speak to non-conforming uses and structures, but does 
not mention this situation - conditional use.

Any thoughts would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance.