The post mistriss who was filling in for our regular post mistriss told me the same thing, but I disagreed with her.  I Know I didn't pay in March so I took the envelope and on the mailing label, there is a space inbetween the red and blue printing about 1/4" wide that says METHOD OF PAYMENT: and under that it says "Express Mail Corporate Acct No.   056089. You do need a magnifying glass to see it but it is there.  I think they used to send it filled out with the red section entitled "ORIGIN"(POSTAL SERVICE USE ONLY) already filled out.  

She finally called the regular post mistriss at home and she told her how to fill out the red section.  In the pink section, I had to check the box "WAIVER OF SIGNATURE" because otherwise she said there might be a delay in their receiving it.

Susan Irwin
Maidstone Town Clerk


On Aug 30, 2012, Kathleen Scheele <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

IF you use one of the prepaid envelope that was sent to you before the Presidential Primary, then the Postmaster is wrong to charge you again.  Tell the postmaster to call me right when he asks you to pay.  After the fact, there is little that can be done.


Best Regards, Kathy


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I have never paid.

At 09:10 AM 8/30/2012, you wrote:

I had to pay $12.95 in March and $18.95 yesterday.  Have an email into Lori asking if  I was crazy to think they were supposed to be prepaid.
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We had the envelope and the label, but when I took it to the PO, they told me it was not pre-paid, so I had to pay $12.95.

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The e-mail is not the official version.  Look for that over-sized white envelope with a pre-paid address label. 

I am hoping that we can print the e-mail version in November, sign it and send it in.

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Since we did everything by email, we didn�t receive an overnight envelope for the Sec. of States office.  Did anyone else, and is there a different address to mail to for overnight delivery?


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