I long ago set a policy that if the fee is not paid in full at the time the recording is submitted, we do not record:  32 VSA1671 (a) (5) allows us to require payment of all fees in advance.  I call to let them know if money is due.  If I do not receive the additional funds within a few days, I return the entire packet, wrapped in a red notice that the documents are not recorded, with a handwritten note at the bottom with the reason. 
I do not carry over fees from one set of recording to another - with all we have to do, keeping track of their bookeeping is off the list!
I also have a policy that I do not return overpayments under $25; if I can count the pages, someone in a lawyer's office should be able to count the pages. 
I know all this makes me sound nasty.  I am very polite and understanding throughout but I stick to my guns.  I am pretty sure those lawyers make more than I do and I don't do their work for them.
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I have an attorney’s office that sends documents in to be recorded and the payment is either $10 to $30 more than what the recording is for then when another recording comes in there isn’t enough to cover it. I have asked his assistant not to do this…has this happened to any of you? It seems to be becoming more frequent. We aren’t their personal accountants.


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