Hi Susan,
I'm responding on-list because I'd love to read what other schools are
doing in response to your request.

At Woodstock, we've been involved with Virtual High School (now called "The
VHS Collaborative") for about 6 years and  it's a very good fit for us.
 Our subscription level allows for 25 seats each semester and for the past
several years we've been just below capacity.  I'd love to grew the program
just a little bit more to accommodate 35-50 students each semester.  We'll
see.  It's been a great way for our students, especially 11th and 12th
graders, to start exploring more specific areas of interest or to bolster
up a transcript.  For example, we've had students take VHS science courses
when they've exhausted the face-to-face courses we offer here at WUHS and
plan on science major in college or medical career.
We haven't really used VHS for credit recovery or remediation...more as a
way to enrich and expand what we offer face-to-face.

Here are some things that help make it work for us.

   - students must carve out time during the school day to participate in
   their online course.  The course can fit any where they want in their
   schedule lieu of a study hall or free block.  This helps incredibly with
   time management.  Inevitably, students will need to spend time outside of
   school to participate in the course.  This "protected" time is the
   foundation and amounts to between 3-4 hours/week.  Many of our students
   tell us that they spend 10-12 hours/week on their online courses.
   - students report to our computer lab to participate in their course and
   to receive tech support from the "site coordinator" (me) and so that I can
   support them.  We take attendance.
   - Students attend a brief orientation prior to the start of each
   semester and also sign a contract so that they recognize that they are
   taking a "real" course that will appear on their transcript and influence
   their GPA.
   - I send out an email to all students and their parents each week with
   weekly news, announcements and reminders.

For a while I was keeping a database of outcome and need to update it but
overall our success rate has been very high...probably a 90% passing rate
and very good subjective feedback from students and parents.  Students
really appreciate the transparency of the courses and the very clear
objectives and learning outcomes that are presented at the beginning of
each semester.

Hope this helps,

Luis Bango

Technology Integration Teacher / VHS Site Coordinator
Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock, Vermont
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> Hi all,
> We have an increasing number of students taking online courses --
> primarily through Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative ( I'm
> interested in hearing what other schools are doing as far as supporting
> students who are enrolled in online courses. Would you please respond to me
> off-list and share your school's procedures, successes, and challenges?
> Thanks for your help,
> *Sue*
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