Thanks Luis. This is really helpful.

What percentage of your position is allocated for your role as the VHS site


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> Hi Susan,
> I'm responding on-list because I'd love to read what other schools are
> doing in response to your request.
> At Woodstock, we've been involved with Virtual High School (now called
> "The VHS Collaborative") for about 6 years and  it's a very good fit for
> us.  Our subscription level allows for 25 seats each semester and for the
> past several years we've been just below capacity.  I'd love to grew the
> program just a little bit more to accommodate 35-50 students each semester.
>  We'll see.  It's been a great way for our students, especially 11th and
> 12th graders, to start exploring more specific areas of interest or to
> bolster up a transcript.  For example, we've had students take VHS science
> courses when they've exhausted the face-to-face courses we offer here at
> WUHS and plan on science major in college or medical career.
> We haven't really used VHS for credit recovery or remediation...more as a
> way to enrich and expand what we offer face-to-face.
> Here are some things that help make it work for us.
>    - students must carve out time during the school day to participate in
>    their online course.  The course can fit any where they want in their
>    schedule lieu of a study hall or free block.  This helps incredibly with
>    time management.  Inevitably, students will need to spend time outside of
>    school to participate in the course.  This "protected" time is the
>    foundation and amounts to between 3-4 hours/week.  Many of our students
>    tell us that they spend 10-12 hours/week on their online courses.
>    - students report to our computer lab to participate in their course
>    and to receive tech support from the "site coordinator" (me) and so that I
>    can support them.  We take attendance.
>    - Students attend a brief orientation prior to the start of each
>    semester and also sign a contract so that they recognize that they are
>    taking a "real" course that will appear on their transcript and influence
>    their GPA.
>    - I send out an email to all students and their parents each week with
>    weekly news, announcements and reminders.
> For a while I was keeping a database of outcome and need to update it but
> overall our success rate has been very high...probably a 90% passing rate
> and very good subjective feedback from students and parents.  Students
> really appreciate the transparency of the courses and the very clear
> objectives and learning outcomes that are presented at the beginning of
> each semester.
> Hope this helps,
> Luis
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>> Hi all,
>> We have an increasing number of students taking online courses --
>> primarily through Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative ( I'm
>> interested in hearing what other schools are doing as far as supporting
>> students who are enrolled in online courses. Would you please respond to me
>> off-list and share your school's procedures, successes, and challenges?
>> Thanks for your help,
>> *Sue*
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