Yes, the solution isn't locking the door but educating students, teachers and parents and as Heather states "craft a culture of safe Internet practice" here is another great resource for schools and families in becoming digital savvy...

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On Filtering....
I wish I had a dime for every time a kid walked out of a school that had a filter, went down the street to an open network, and got into trouble. We don't advocate for filters except for very young kids. You need to teach responsible internet usage and let the kids make mistakes in the safe environment of the school.  It's the school's responsibility to craft a culture of safe internet practice.  Keep away, keep safe, keep telling.

This extends to the home. If you are sending computers home, you are taking on a responsibility to educate the parents too.  The parents will appreciate it.  Most don't know that they should only allow computer usage in common areas in the home (i.e. kids with computers behind closed doors are where most problems begin!)

Avoiding the problem by implementing complex filters (which don't work by the way - kids always circumvent them) puts the responsibility on the IT department, rather in the hands of the teachers, parents, and the kids - where it belongs.  The world we live in has open networks and kids know where they are :)

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