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Date: Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Subject: [Ecosocialist] Richard Levins on E.O. Wilson, "The Social Conquest of Earth"
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Climate & Capitalism is very pleased publish Richard Levins' review of
"The Social Conquest of earth," a new book by Sociobiology founder
E.O. Wilson.

Levins, co-author of The Dialectical Biologist, writes: "Failing to
take class division into account is not simply a political bias. It
also distorts how we look at human evolution as intrinsically
bio-social and human biology as socialized biology."

Must-reading for anyone interested in how a Marxist and dialectical
approach can strengthen our understanding of biology and human nature.

Is human behavior controlled by our genes?
Richard Levins reviews 'The Social Conquest of Earth'

Ian Angus
Editor, Climate & Capitalism