Dear Colleagues:

Has anyone used Open Athens authentication software, especially in an IT environment with multiple physical locations behind the same firewall?  I'd like to know how time consuming it is to administer passwords, how user-friendly patrons find it, etc.

Background to my question: we are a large healthcare system with at least 12 hospitals, 16 clinics or health centers, and several non-clinical locations all behind the same set of firewall IP addresses.  Even though most of the staff for at least half those locations don't need access to online clinical journals, publishers and journal aggregators base pricing on physical locations.   I am exploring whether Open Access might offer a way to create a more limited "user population" that might allow us to work out affordable costs.

I would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has successfully used Athens to address similar situations.  Many thanks as always - please reply to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> and I'll summarize if I get responses.

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